Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist is awesome! Finally finished it and it is a good series. It is sad that its over but I am excited to hear that they will be a second season.  It is an exciting anime, second half of the series each episodes is a cliffhanger. You can’t stop watching. Now I have to decide what to continue I have a few started anime that I want to focus on 1 to just finish it.


Anime update

As mentioned earlier Previously, I was watching Black Butler. Well I finally finished Black Butler and Black Butler II. It was a good series good first 2 season.  I was watching it with my niece because she wanted to re-watch it and it was my first time watching it. However she does not want to watch the 3rd season cause she wasn’t much of a fan plus it’s on Hulu but only sub. (she doesn’t really like reading) I decided to watch season 3 after I finish ‘Snow White with Red Hair’ Season 2.  

Overall Black Butler was interesting and good. Would I watch it again? Probably not any time soon. Until years of forgotten how it went. lol 

Show and Anime watching.

I was thinking of doing episode by episode review of everything I watch regarding ones that have episodes, but that is just too much reading that at my stage I do not have much readers so it would be more of a waste of my time when I can put that time to writing about topics that are more interesting. I decided to just do season reviews instead, sum up the whole season which to me would be better too.  So here is an update. Anime I am watching with my niece and I am in Black Butler II, regular cartoon we are watching South Park and we are in season 2 (Thank You Hulu! for having all the seasons). Regular show my niece wants to start season 1 of Scream which we haven’t started yet. With my sis and niece, we are watching American Horror Story season 4 I believe it is Freak Show.  We are also watching the Final Season of Ghost Hunters, we are watching those live or on DVR we are up to date on those.  I by myself am watching Heroes season 3 on Netflix, need to finish the series before Oct. 1st cause that’s when Netflix will take it off.  Also watching a reality home show, Big Style Small Space I believe it is called. Also will be taken off from Netflix on the first.  Oh yeah and anime wise with my sis we are in season 1 of Twin Star Exorcist.  That is my update on those. I have to keep track of what we are watching cause the girls forget haha. Good thing I love all this.

Oh yeah before I forget, with my aunt I am watching Gothham season 1, with my dad and aunt Blindspot season 1. With dad X-Files season 1.

Black Butler II E:1

Black Butler II E: 1, what what?!? What’s going on… Why did they change their looks? Did they change them? No more Ciel or Sebastian? What?!? Where all my questions in the first minute of the episode. Let’s not forget, who’s that naked person.. Hahaha

As it kept going I was getting worried that the normal characters were not going to show up. Good thing I kept watching, apparently it was another pair.  Sebastian shows up later with a brief case asking for a place to stay the night…

I won’t get into full details cause that just kills watching the series for me. So I don’t want any readers getting to much spoilers.  

The episode did keep me asking “What’s going on?” “Why?”  It also had a bit of action. If the series continues this way than I might enjoy it more than the first one.

Show/Movie/Anime/Cartoon Bingewatching

In an earlier post, I had posted that I watch stuff on my own and stuff with my sis and niece or just one or the other depending on what we are watching.  Finally I was able to organize with my niece how we are going to be watching stuff. One at a time, no watching episode from one series and then from another unless its currently airing. However I did let her pick 3 different stuff but from different categories. 1 anime, 1 cartoon, 1 regular show. This will help in case we are not in the mood to watch something.  Movies well those are 1 thing at a time so we can just discuss that as we go.  My niece decided on Scream (regular series), Black Butler (anime), South Park (Cartoon). If this works out in going to get my niece to do same with reading. Going to try to get her into that even if it’s just comics or mangas. Still reading. For my sis and the shows I watch on my own well I still need to work on those. Haha well just wanted to write about this stuff.  It’s a good way to go through watch list and great opportunity to bond with someone in this case is my sis and my niece. I will try and do same with my father since he likes watching stuff as well.  Well I have a feeling I will write again today, so till later! If you have recommendations on what to watch, please comment!


Not sure if I have written this before but I got into reading manga and watching anime.  I got my niece into it as well.  Currently I started a few of them but I find it hard to watch multiple at a time because then I feel like I will never end watching the anime.  I am currently only focusing on ‘Soul Eater’, watching it on Netflix. I also end up getting Crunchyroll, now i’m a subscriber to that. Woohoo!  I also just finished reading Vol. 1 of ‘Soul Eater’ manga.  Building my manga collection. Last week I got ‘Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon’ Vol 2 from Amazon. I still haven’t read it, yesterday I ordered ‘Demon Prince of Momochi House’ my niece wanted to check it out so I ordered it, we’ll see how it is.

Do we have any manga/anime fans out here? If so leave a comment and let me know any recommendation and/or your favorite series.