Anime Update

Summer very hot time to be outdoors all the time.  it is also Summer lineup for anime on Crunchyroll.  I been behind so much on anime and everything else that catching up seems like it will take forever.  I will never catch up haha... I finally caught up with some anime and started a new … Continue reading Anime Update


AoT – S3 Premiere

Fortunately I was able to attend the premiere of Attack on Titan.  Let me tell you, It will be a very interesting season.  As always, the first episode leaves you with a cliffhanger.  They did not show us the new opening song, the MC said they wanted to leave something to surprise for the on … Continue reading AoT – S3 Premiere

Attack On Titan S3 Premiere!

     Woohoo! Was able to get wristband for AoT S3 premiere at Anime Expo! I believe the voice of Erin from both Japanese and English will be in this panel as well! Looking forward. Got about 30-40min wait before they start letting us in. 

Anime update

As mentioned earlier Previously, I was watching Black Butler. Well I finally finished Black Butler and Black Butler II. It was a good series good first 2 season.  I was watching it with my niece because she wanted to re-watch it and it was my first time watching it. However she does not want to … Continue reading Anime update


Not sure if I have written this before but I got into reading manga and watching anime.  I got my niece into it as well.  Currently I started a few of them but I find it hard to watch multiple at a time because then I feel like I will never end watching the anime. … Continue reading Manga/Anime