Journey Begins

What does a person have to do now days to get readers and fans? I normally have a reader here and there but apparently people still are partying, not hating. Continue reading



Thank you for all of you who follow me, I hope you keep following me. Don’t be shy please comment on post and let me know of any topics you all want me to write about. Thank you all again. Means a lot!

About Me

This post is mostly for my followers, get to know me since yesterday I ended with trying to interact with the readers. Name is Jimmy I’m from SoCal, L.A. county area. I was born with spina bifida. Life has been a bit hard living with it, affects my legs and health things that come with it. Along with it due to it I’m real short and for a guy that sucks. Moments when it all gets to me but then I realized how blessed I am. Even though cause of it people judge me and don’t think I can do certain things so I just need to work hard to show them! Haha I mostly get looks when I am in nature walks and photographing with models. They are just jealous. So that’s a little about me. If you follow me then you will get to know me a little more. I am into many things so I will be posting about everything. Thanks for your time!


So while going through my room I found this shot class still was wrapped it the paper. I got this last time I went to the San Diego Safari Park. Been a long time. The things you find when cleaning/organizing. (Tiger is my year)