October 2017 Movie List

This year I will be watching at least 1 scary movie each day for the whole month of October.  Today I am starting to write a list down of movies so I am a bit more organized on what I will be watching,  My question to you all is what are your favorite scary movies?  Please comment your recommendations.


Naruto Challenge Update 2

Yesterday I mentioned my Naruto challenge, well today I finished the all the ones Netflix has.  Tomorrow I will continue watching it on Hulu the remaining.  I have a few left in season 3 I believe and then I will officially start season 4.  That sucks that Netflix does not have the remaining episodes because they left off in the middle of a battle. Not cool!

I do want me some curry now though! Can you guess what part I am in?

Naruto Anime Challenge

As you can tell I am doing plenty of challenges on watching or doing other things.  I will write and update on old challenges during the week or as I come to it.  This challenge is to watch all of Naruto anime, along with Naruto Shippuden and end up with watching the new current one Boruto.

I started this challenge because my niece started watching it before I did.  I forgot what happened so I told her that I will start watching it and pass her.  I did. I am currently in season 3 of Naruto.  I am currently watching it on Netflix however they only have up to season 3 and season 4 is missing.  In which I will have to move and continue watching it on Hulu They have the whole series in sub and dub.  I am currently watching the dub version of it.

To keep you up to date. I am almost done with the season 3 that Netflix has. However according to Hulu season 3 is longer.  I will have to finish it there and continue to season 4.  This anime turned out to be better than I thought it would be.  Most episodes keep me wanting more so I tend to bingewatch a few episodes at a time or until I get sleepy cause I tend to watch it at night time.

If you are a Naruto fan and/or are currently watching the series. Comment and let me know your thoughts.

Doctor Who Challenge

Today in the morning I was talking to my friend about Doctor Who.  I have never seen the show or know much about it.  Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, one of them was a Doctor Who one.  I woke up early today and read some comics.  I read the Doctor Who one which led to the conversation with my friend about it.  I decided to watch Doctor Who from the beginning, the classics.  This is one of my current challenges.

I found episodes online of Season 1. It is in black and white,  it is in 1963 I believe.  It starts off with a young woman in school.  She is acting strange so two teachers start noticing her and end up following her to where she lives.  They come across the doctor and enter their time machine. After an incident they end up traveling back in time to the cave man era.

The first arc consist of 4 episodes, the pilot and their trip back in time.  Where they get captive by the cave man who are struggling to make fire.  They have to work together and find a way to get back to TARDIS ( the time machine)

So far the show is interesting.  Quality is not great of course cause it is from 1963.  It’s keeping my interest.  I hope to watch an arc a day or an arc in 2 days depending on my schedule and how long each arc are.   I hope ya’ll follow me in this challenge.  Comment below I would love your intake on this show.


One of the shows I am watching is X-Files.  I watch that with my dad.  I just can’t find the time to fit down and Bingewatch. So I decided to do a challenge. 1 episode a day. At the moment we are in season 2, 162 episodes left. Starting today we have 162 days to watch the whole series. I know we will finish it early but at least it’s something to look forward to. I love challenges regarding shows, movies, books, etc. Let’s see how long I will take.

Oct. Movie Challenge #3

Forgot to keep updated. Day #3 was ‘Unfriended’ my niece picked this one.  It wasn’t what I expect. Whole movie I’m watching a computer screen with people skipping.  Very interesting concept but not scary or anything. They could have done it a bit different and it would have been good. That is my opinion.

What do you all think of ‘Unfriended’

Oct. Movie Challenge #2

For the second day movie challenge I decided to watch ‘Indigenous’ which was in my Netflix Queue already.  It was an ok movie. It’s about a group of friends going to Panama and during their trip they find out about this waterfall.  However it’s in the forest that no one goes into because legend says the chupacabra lives there.  Of course they still go check it out!  I guess if they didn’t then it wouldn’t be a movie.  Creature remind me of a Vampire/Smeagol haha.  I was also surprised that this movie didn’t have nudity. Most scary movie have some sort of nudity lol. Well anyways It was an alright movie. 

On to the next! What to watch on day 3? Comment below with recommendations.