Twice ‘Dance the Night Away Special’

This time I saw k-pop group Twice special for their Dance The Night Away comeback special on V Live. If you know me or follow me on other social media platforms you all know that I am a Once (Twice fan). So I had to see this, well I have to see most of their … Continue reading Twice ‘Dance the Night Away Special’


Best Chicken

'Best Chicken' yes! as the name says this drama is about chicken! Fried chicken. Also, yes it did get me hungry at points for some chicken. Lead are Kim So-Hye (IOI), Park Sun-Ho (The Current Produce 101 X) and Joo Woo-Jae, also Lee Seung-Hyub (N.Flying). So-Hye lives in an old bath house that is owned … Continue reading Best Chicken


'W' k-drama about a webtoon coming to life. Not sure about ya'll but I see a lot of webtoons mention in drama. Are webtoons big in Korea? If you know please let me know in a comment below. 'W' is one of the top dramas on my list. The story just gets you hooked and … Continue reading W