Dream High

 Dream High this was chosen by my niece.  I didn’t know much besides that it is JYP and IU comes out.  You had me at IU this was the first IU drama I watched. Loved her even more.  First thing I saw with her was ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast S1’. Enough about IU lol, this … Continue reading Dream High

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

  My ID is Gangnam Beauty,  is one of those dramas where I get something out of it that I bring up in my daily life, even while watching other stuff.  For this one, it was the one lyric from the OST “something in your eyes”. Every time there is some look or something, I … Continue reading My ID is Gangnam Beauty


'W' k-drama about a webtoon coming to life. Not sure about ya'll but I see a lot of webtoons mention in drama. Are webtoons big in Korea? If you know please let me know in a comment below. 'W' is one of the top dramas on my list. The story just gets you hooked and … Continue reading W