Task + Organizing

2018 I am trying to become a better person to have a better life.  For this I have a problem with keeping organized and doing task.  I procrastinate most of the time.  I found last year this site called Continue reading


Was Late…

I am 1 day late! I missed writing a post on the 1st. Well anyways, Happy New Years Everyone! Hope everyone had a great one and I hope this year will be extra great for you all!  I know no matter how hard it gets this year will have plenty of good things to come! Hope everyone stays positive and accomplish resolutions/goals for this year! Remember you don’t need to wait for the first of the year to start something or make a change. Start now! It’s never late or a bad time!

Late Night…

Hey ya’ll! 2:16am here and I can’t sleep. I’m having like an anxiety attack! I can’t stop worrying about things. Life isn’t fair at times and holding everything in is not great. Hopefully writing will help me get distracted.

I am currently doing challenges/marathons. I am watching all the Barbie movies with my niece. Order of release. Also doing Disney Animation movies including studios that are with Disney such as Pixar. Doing that in order as well. If you all remember I started a challenge by selecting a director and watching his work. I need to continue that one. I started with Steven Spielberg. I am also watching all seasons of Gilmore Girls, first time watching. I’m almost done with season 4.

Along with movie/show watching. I need to start a reading challenge. This year I had a goal of 24 reading materials and I went over that thanks to comic books. For 2017 I hope to read 48 items. I have that challenge on Goodreads. Check them out to keep track on books you read, reading and want to read. Shoutout to Goodreads. I am currently reading ‘Think & Grow Rich’. Good book so far. Almost half way done.

Ok well that’s it for now. I will try to get some sleep.

Good things at Bad Times

It’s interesting how good things might happen even during bad times. Call it what you like, but it is interesting. I am going through some bad times and at the same time I have a great friend that gave me a MacBook Pro. It is an older refurbished one but I am excited to get one. I have always wanted one, I finally have one.  Other little things are also happening that are good during hard times.  One of my other friends invited me to my first ever Nascar race here in California the Auto Speedway.  This race is tomorrow and I am excited about it!

So Many Things

So many things are have been happening, I’m not sure if I should just write one long blog or divide it in sections. I might just we’ll divide it, not everyone wants to read about everything.  So to sum it up here: my dad’s back home, have to take care of financial things, help take care of dad, find my own doctors, get healthy and in shape, work on 2 magazines, work on photography, catch up on DVR, read, got a new game. Trying to keep blogging more days… And more.

Anyone in the 818 area San Fernando Valley that wants to hang let me know. I can use company on some of this stuff. Always looking to meet to people.


It is funny how any second your life can change completely either good or bad but your life can change fast. Mine did on October 16 of this year. But not in a good way,.. Life just got harder. But I guess God has a plan. Just need to stay positive and keep moving forward.

Sorry Guys

     Sorry to you guys who follow me and who was keeping track of my movie challenge. I know I haven’t wrote in a few days just when I was starting to be good at this. I had a family emergency on our way to a family trip to Monterey Bay, CA. We were heading to the aquarium there from SoCal. But something happen and that didn’t happen. Right now the whole family is going through rough time. I finally was in the mood to log on here and write a little something maybe help me a little with everything I have bottled inside. I will resume what I was doing on here but at a slower pace as I have priority things to attend to. It’s interesting how in one second your whole life can change.  Hasn’t processed in my head yet what has happen, it is hard to believe. I just pray and wish things get better. Thank you for those of you who follow me and read this. If you don’t follow my blog yet please do. I will eventually be posting more things. I am part of the entertainment business and arts so a lot of that will be posted along with just daily life things that I go through. Thanks again.