Bullet Journal, a little late?

We are already in February and I am barely going to start my bullet journal. Nah, it's never to late to start something new. It does seem that at certain times it might seem more appropriate but in reality you can start anything at any moment. Bullet journal I feel like it will help me, … Continue reading Bullet Journal, a little late?

New Start?

2019 is right around the corner!  Great opportunity for a new start?  That is what I been debating about.  I have many plans for 2019 and I am already getting prepared for them.  However, I been debating if I should actually wait until the first to start or just start now.  Any new day is … Continue reading New Start?

New Beginning

Hi everyone, I been M.I.A like always!  Finally changed the look of my blog.  Hope it is better than before and you all like.  I will be improving it as time goes by.  I hope you all join me in this new journey.  To give you some idea of how things are set, the Home … Continue reading New Beginning

Late Night…

Hey ya'll! 2:16am here and I can't sleep. I'm having like an anxiety attack! I can't stop worrying about things. Life isn't fair at times and holding everything in is not great. Hopefully writing will help me get distracted. I am currently doing challenges/marathons. I am watching all the Barbie movies with my niece. Order … Continue reading Late Night…