Life at This Time

Many things have happen, I think things are starting to get to me but that was meant to happen. However, I need to find a way to relax and meditate and be in peace with myself. My dad is slowly getting better each day, slowly but there is improvements. I need to get back into … Continue reading Life at This Time

So Many Things

So many things are have been happening, I'm not sure if I should just write one long blog or divide it in sections. I might just we'll divide it, not everyone wants to read about everything.  So to sum it up here: my dad's back home, have to take care of financial things, help take … Continue reading So Many Things


It is funny how any second your life can change completely either good or bad but your life can change fast. Mine did on October 16 of this year. But not in a good way,.. Life just got harder. But I guess God has a plan. Just need to stay positive and keep moving forward.