I really need to get into good habits.  One if to be current with my blog and other websites.  I read about this Japanese technique that one is supposed to do what they want the habit to be for a min or at least a minute daily.   Continue reading


More Time

Sorry guys I need to make time to right, it’s just been going through a lot. Was in a car accident, some guy rear ended us after picking up my niece getting out of the school zone. Unfortunately I don’t have a car at the moment. I will try my best and start writing more on here. Not sure if anyone really reads my blog, but I hope so. I’ll be back later. Life sucks at moments but need to stay strong.

About Me

This post is mostly for my followers, get to know me since yesterday I ended with trying to interact with the readers. Name is Jimmy I’m from SoCal, L.A. county area. I was born with spina bifida. Life has been a bit hard living with it, affects my legs and health things that come with it. Along with it due to it I’m real short and for a guy that sucks. Moments when it all gets to me but then I realized how blessed I am. Even though cause of it people judge me and don’t think I can do certain things so I just need to work hard to show them! Haha I mostly get looks when I am in nature walks and photographing with models. They are just jealous. So that’s a little about me. If you follow me then you will get to know me a little more. I am into many things so I will be posting about everything. Thanks for your time!

2nd camping trip of the year

Went this past weekend camping again, same campground but different site. It was relaxing. Less hot than last time. Water was a bit dirty maybe cause it rained the day before and California hasn’t seen much rain. This trip I took in more of nature. I looked up at the stars. Saw things moving, too far for planes so it was a bit creepy.  This trip also made me clear my mind and think about things that need to be changed and done. Overall it was a great trip!

This were taken with my iPhone 6.

New mentality

I am starting to read more about being successful. I noticed that my attention span has been decreasing by the day. My first thought about success is to pay good attention to things. I looked it up and yes this was one of the features to be successful. Being the geek that I am I researched about attention span and I came across an articles I liked so I read it and I took notes. This was yesterday, last night I started to implement this to my daily life to focus more on what needs to be done. To be honest I sometimes can’t even sit through a whole movie now days. I realized it is due to so much distractions in our life today we are surrounded by much technology that I noticed that I always am on my iPhone, if it’s not texting it’s on social medias or playing games. (Don’t get me started on mobile games, I should write a post just on that) As you can see me trying to be successful as made me notice things that I do that I didn’t realize was affect me one way or another. In this case to be better to succeed. Last night while watching my shows I decided not to look at my phone during the show, this was going to be kind of hard do I decided just to look at it during commercial. Turn out to be a bit hard but at the same time it was great because I actually payed attention to what the show was about.  So bottom line, get off the technology not to be successful but just to focus what you are doing and enjoy it, enjoy your surrounding.  At this moment I am surprised I even was about to write all this with out getting distracted.