Naruto Challenge Update 2

Yesterday I mentioned my Naruto challenge, well today I finished the all the ones Netflix has.  Tomorrow I will continue watching it on Hulu the remaining.  I have a few left in season 3 I believe and then I will officially start season 4.  That sucks that Netflix does not have the remaining episodes because they left off in the middle of a battle. Not cool!

I do want me some curry now though! Can you guess what part I am in?


Naruto Anime Challenge

As you can tell I am doing plenty of challenges on watching or doing other things.  I will write and update on old challenges during the week or as I come to it.  This challenge is to watch all of Naruto anime, along with Naruto Shippuden and end up with watching the new current one Boruto.

I started this challenge because my niece started watching it before I did.  I forgot what happened so I told her that I will start watching it and pass her.  I did. I am currently in season 3 of Naruto.  I am currently watching it on Netflix however they only have up to season 3 and season 4 is missing.  In which I will have to move and continue watching it on Hulu They have the whole series in sub and dub.  I am currently watching the dub version of it.

To keep you up to date. I am almost done with the season 3 that Netflix has. However according to Hulu season 3 is longer.  I will have to finish it there and continue to season 4.  This anime turned out to be better than I thought it would be.  Most episodes keep me wanting more so I tend to bingewatch a few episodes at a time or until I get sleepy cause I tend to watch it at night time.

If you are a Naruto fan and/or are currently watching the series. Comment and let me know your thoughts.