I Found You! Oh My Girl

I Found You! Oh My Girl... A reality special? or show? Not sure what exactly the actual term for it is. This I believe it was one of their first. They had 1 extra member from what it is now. The girls are great. The personalities just are great. In this show they are put … Continue reading I Found You! Oh My Girl

Sabrina Part 1

Sabrina, the Netflix original not to be confused with the 90's Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Like probably most from the 90's saw Sabrina the Teenage Witch a family friendly comedy. However, this Sabrina is the dark twist of it. Not sure if it follows the comics because I have never read them. (I will soon … Continue reading Sabrina Part 1


I finally gave Frasier a chance a few months ago.  In the past this show did not really interest me.  Few months ago I wanted to find a new sitcom to watch, while flipping through Netflix I decided to give it a try.  Turned out I love this show.  It is very funny.  I guess it was … Continue reading Frasier


One of the shows I am watching is X-Files.  I watch that with my dad.  I just can't find the time to fit down and Bingewatch. So I decided to do a challenge. 1 episode a day. At the moment we are in season 2, 162 episodes left. Starting today we have 162 days to … Continue reading X-Files

Tv Shows

I been behind TV Shows so much that my DVR never goes down. I have time to catch up currently watching Quantico still haven't finished first season. It's getting good.  Any Quantico fans out there?