Task + Organizing

2018 I am trying to become a better person to have a better life.  For this I have a problem with keeping organized and doing task.  I procrastinate most of the time.  I found last year this site called Continue reading


Looking for Talent

If you follow my blog you might know I started 2 magazines one in the entertainment industry and one for the arts.

If you or anyone you know is in one of those please let me know.  My mission is to help others by what we can do at moment and share your talent.  We can review products, do interviews, review businesses, share your info.  If you are interested please contact me on her or

Art world – artistologymagazine@gmail.com
Entertainment – info@epistememagazine.com

Anime & SAG Awards

Sunday, the most relaxing day of the week.  Sometimes that is.  Today I relaxed and just watched anime.  I woke up did some reading which I was able to get a few pages in today.  Most of my day though consisted in anime.  My niece did not want to watch anything today so I started to check out for new ones and I came across one that my friend had recommended.  Continue reading

I suck..

I suck at writing often on here, I always say I am when I get on my desktop. I rarely get in my desktop now days.  I had to take this app off as well cause of space.  I just d/l it back on right now.  Been since October since I lost wrote.  I been wanting to write more often. Blogging isn’t easy. Anyone of you readers have advise on how to keep up with posting daily or at least few times a week? Please comment and let me know. I would really appreciate it!

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist is awesome! Finally finished it and it is a good series. It is sad that its over but I am excited to hear that they will be a second season.  It is an exciting anime, second half of the series each episodes is a cliffhanger. You can’t stop watching. Now I have to decide what to continue I have a few started anime that I want to focus on 1 to just finish it.

Oct. Movie Challenge #3

Forgot to keep updated. Day #3 was ‘Unfriended’ my niece picked this one.  It wasn’t what I expect. Whole movie I’m watching a computer screen with people skipping.  Very interesting concept but not scary or anything. They could have done it a bit different and it would have been good. That is my opinion.

What do you all think of ‘Unfriended’

Oct. Movie Challenge #2

For the second day movie challenge I decided to watch ‘Indigenous’ which was in my Netflix Queue already.  It was an ok movie. It’s about a group of friends going to Panama and during their trip they find out about this waterfall.  However it’s in the forest that no one goes into because legend says the chupacabra lives there.  Of course they still go check it out!  I guess if they didn’t then it wouldn’t be a movie.  Creature remind me of a Vampire/Smeagol haha.  I was also surprised that this movie didn’t have nudity. Most scary movie have some sort of nudity lol. Well anyways It was an alright movie. 

On to the next! What to watch on day 3? Comment below with recommendations.