October Challenge Day #1

October is here so my challenge this month is to watch 1 scary movie a day. Yesterday was first so I started yesterday with Crimson Peak. I had recently gone to see the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit at LACMA and I saw that TWC now Spectrum had Crimson Peak OnDemand which I had not seen. Movie was interesting.  I liked it, the whole feel to it was awesome as well. The ghost coming out were awesome graphics in my opinion.  Good movie. Still deciding what to watch today.


Anime update

As mentioned earlier Previously, I was watching Black Butler. Well I finally finished Black Butler and Black Butler II. It was a good series good first 2 season.  I was watching it with my niece because she wanted to re-watch it and it was my first time watching it. However she does not want to watch the 3rd season cause she wasn’t much of a fan plus it’s on Hulu but only sub. (she doesn’t really like reading) I decided to watch season 3 after I finish ‘Snow White with Red Hair’ Season 2.  

Overall Black Butler was interesting and good. Would I watch it again? Probably not any time soon. Until years of forgotten how it went. lol 

Show and Anime watching.

I was thinking of doing episode by episode review of everything I watch regarding ones that have episodes, but that is just too much reading that at my stage I do not have much readers so it would be more of a waste of my time when I can put that time to writing about topics that are more interesting. I decided to just do season reviews instead, sum up the whole season which to me would be better too.  So here is an update. Anime I am watching with my niece and I am in Black Butler II, regular cartoon we are watching South Park and we are in season 2 (Thank You Hulu! for having all the seasons). Regular show my niece wants to start season 1 of Scream which we haven’t started yet. With my sis and niece, we are watching American Horror Story season 4 I believe it is Freak Show.  We are also watching the Final Season of Ghost Hunters, we are watching those live or on DVR we are up to date on those.  I by myself am watching Heroes season 3 on Netflix, need to finish the series before Oct. 1st cause that’s when Netflix will take it off.  Also watching a reality home show, Big Style Small Space I believe it is called. Also will be taken off from Netflix on the first.  Oh yeah and anime wise with my sis we are in season 1 of Twin Star Exorcist.  That is my update on those. I have to keep track of what we are watching cause the girls forget haha. Good thing I love all this.

Oh yeah before I forget, with my aunt I am watching Gothham season 1, with my dad and aunt Blindspot season 1. With dad X-Files season 1.

Middle School Fundraiser 

Today I ended up going to Shakey’s with my sister, niece and a friend of hers.  For a certain amount of time Shakey’s donated 25% of sales to the school. Great thing that companies do this. It helps out school.  Now days schools do not get the funds they need for materials or programs.  Glad we went out and did our part.  Doesn’t seem much but any little thing help with anything you do.

Reading Challenge

I. Have had Goodreads app for a while. Keeps track of books I want to read, have read, and currently reading. On current reading list I can even input the page I am in.  I really like the app. I can also review and rate the books but however I still haven’t really done reviews. My skills are not good at all. I will slowly start learning to review items.  Anyways, this is not specific about the app.  Goodreads has a reading challenge. You input the number of books you want to read for the year and keeps track as you input what you have read. I love this feature. Last year I put 12 I believe and I went passed it.  This year I decided to put 24. I am currently at 18 and it’s September already.  Just to let you know, I am just beginning to read. I never really did it. Always was interested, seeing my sister always reading, however it always was hard for me to get in mood to get started.  Finally I did, and I enjoy it a lot now.  The challenge for me is any type of books this includes manga and comic books/ graphic novels. Any reading is reading.  Everyone has different liking and I like everything lol. I will try and keep posting about my reading challenge maybe some of you can join in on the fun.  Have to decide how many I want to read in 2017!

Sunday Night

Last night I watch some stuff on the DVR. Some included the Stand Up 2 Cancer special. Even though I recorded I did make my donation on Friday.  Have to donate even if it’s at least a little bit anything to help. Also watched Lip Sync Battle All-Star… I think that wasn’t fair cause Michael Phelps had not been there before. All four should have been people who had already been there and champions.  That’s just my opinion though.  Afterwards when heading to my room I got on my desktop and logged into Netflix.  Ended up figuring out a new challenge which will help with my Netflix list.  That is to watch all things that will be taken off from Netflix that are on my list.  They were taking a movie off today that I had on the queue which was Legend of The Fist.  Turned out to be a good movie and got to put it on before midnight which is the time Netflix take off shows. So now I’m left with Heroes and a bunch of home collection shows to watch before October first if I remember correctly.  I’m up early even though I went to sleep around 3am. Hope I can take a nap during day if not I will be cranky soon as I get tired haha. Well on to  starting the weekday!

Sunday Marathon

Today I decided to have a show marathon with my niece. Something that will become a tradition. Also a way to finish a bunch of series and movies we have on out to watch list. Today we began with anime, Black Butler season 1. My niece has seen it before but I haven’t. She wanted to see it again so she’s watching it with me.  I am half way done with first season. So far it’s good.  It is a bit slow at times which makes it harder to try and binge watch for me.  

Have any of you seen Black Butler?

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Disney Channel Movies

So today Disney Channel Movie marathon. As I am watching them on TV they bring back so much memories.  Such good movies. As it started with Kim Possible I had to look it up online and I found it for $5! I had to get me it since it said it only 1 was left in stock until who knows when. Woohoo! I am going to start my Disney Channel Movie collection. I hope I can find them all. So much great memories. I am a fan of all Disney. 🙂