October 2017 Movie List

This year I will be watching at least 1 scary movie each day for the whole month of October.  Today I am starting to write a list down of movies so I am a bit more organized on what I will be watching,  My question to you all is what are your favorite scary movies?  Please comment your recommendations.



I really need to get into good habits.  One if to be current with my blog and other websites.  I read about this Japanese technique that one is supposed to do what they want the habit to be for a min or at least a minute daily.   Continue reading

Jessica Jones #10

Ok, so now it’s starting to get more interesting with Maria Hill. I really hope they step up with this story. I can’t say it enough. The covers are awesome!

Here is the cover I got:

Read: Jessica Jones #9

I just finished reading Jessica Jones #9 I feel for that woman. She keeps helping and she keeps getting screwed. I hope the story picks up. I want more to Jessica Jones. Keep in mind I am new to reading all this comics.  Here is a photo of the cover I got!

I love the covers on this series. 
If you read this series let me know what you think!

Anime Expo 2017 #1

Anime Expo this year was fun. Last year I only went for 1 day this year I went for 4 days. Checked out the panels for Viz Media, Sentai, Aniplex, Crunchyroll, FullMetal Alchemist Live Action, Warner Brothers Japan.  

Fullmetal Alchemist panel was fun! Got to see the director and the actor playing Edward. They showed us clips for the movie.  I am excited, it looks like it will be an awesome movie. Looking forward to checking it out.

We were able to get some free stuff on some panels and also at the exhibit hall.  Went crazy at the Artist Den.  We support the arts a lot.  When I say we, it’s my sis and I.  It was my birthday yesterday so my gift from my sister was taking me to Anime Expo. While there she ended getting me next years gift. Tickets to next year Expo! I am excited about it!

I’ll add photos on my next post!

Comic Books Haul #1

Today Thursday I went to my local comic book shop Galaxy of Comic.  I finally have a pull list.  I stopped going because of rides, not having a car at moment sucks.  So I am behind on several of the comics I collect.  Having a pull list will also help me in case I forget of something and not worry to hurry up and go pick it up before they sell out.

The haul I will start with this week is with the last few times I have gone but have not input the inventory into my list on my computer. (cases I need to catch up, I remember what I have) So here is a list of ones I have. I still have not read them.  I ran out of bags to put them in so I will read them until I get that next week hopefully.  This way I just put them away safely soon as I finish reading.

–  The Power of the Dark Crystal #3 ( I am missing #1, if anyone knows where I can get a hold of one please let me know. My shop isn’t able to get any more of those)
–  The Power of the Dark Crystal #4 (Need to get my hands on #1 to start this series)
–  Jessica Jones #9 (I am missing #5 so if anyone knows let me know!)
–  Batman #24 (I am missing a few of this one, sucks cause I know this issue is the proposal)
–  Batman #25
–  Darth Maul #4 (Not sure if I have #3 I need to check and update my list)
–  Darth Vader #1
–  Darth Vader #2
–  Suicide Squad #20 (Need to catch up on this one as well)
–  Teen Titans #9 (Playing catch up)
–  Adventure Time Comics #12 (I get this for my niece but I need up reading them. Playing catch up too

As you can see I am playing catch up on many comics, this are only some that I collect and need to catch up on.
Let me know what you all are reading and if you have any recommendations.

Naruto Challenge Update 2

Yesterday I mentioned my Naruto challenge, well today I finished the all the ones Netflix has.  Tomorrow I will continue watching it on Hulu the remaining.  I have a few left in season 3 I believe and then I will officially start season 4.  That sucks that Netflix does not have the remaining episodes because they left off in the middle of a battle. Not cool!

I do want me some curry now though! Can you guess what part I am in?

Naruto Anime Challenge

As you can tell I am doing plenty of challenges on watching or doing other things.  I will write and update on old challenges during the week or as I come to it.  This challenge is to watch all of Naruto anime, along with Naruto Shippuden and end up with watching the new current one Boruto.

I started this challenge because my niece started watching it before I did.  I forgot what happened so I told her that I will start watching it and pass her.  I did. I am currently in season 3 of Naruto.  I am currently watching it on Netflix however they only have up to season 3 and season 4 is missing.  In which I will have to move and continue watching it on Hulu They have the whole series in sub and dub.  I am currently watching the dub version of it.

To keep you up to date. I am almost done with the season 3 that Netflix has. However according to Hulu season 3 is longer.  I will have to finish it there and continue to season 4.  This anime turned out to be better than I thought it would be.  Most episodes keep me wanting more so I tend to bingewatch a few episodes at a time or until I get sleepy cause I tend to watch it at night time.

If you are a Naruto fan and/or are currently watching the series. Comment and let me know your thoughts.

Doctor Who Challenge

Today in the morning I was talking to my friend about Doctor Who.  I have never seen the show or know much about it.  Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, one of them was a Doctor Who one.  I woke up early today and read some comics.  I read the Doctor Who one which led to the conversation with my friend about it.  I decided to watch Doctor Who from the beginning, the classics.  This is one of my current challenges.

I found episodes online of Season 1. It is in black and white,  it is in 1963 I believe.  It starts off with a young woman in school.  She is acting strange so two teachers start noticing her and end up following her to where she lives.  They come across the doctor and enter their time machine. After an incident they end up traveling back in time to the cave man era.

The first arc consist of 4 episodes, the pilot and their trip back in time.  Where they get captive by the cave man who are struggling to make fire.  They have to work together and find a way to get back to TARDIS ( the time machine)

So far the show is interesting.  Quality is not great of course cause it is from 1963.  It’s keeping my interest.  I hope to watch an arc a day or an arc in 2 days depending on my schedule and how long each arc are.   I hope ya’ll follow me in this challenge.  Comment below I would love your intake on this show.