New Beginning

Hi everyone, I been M.I.A like always!  Finally changed the look of my blog.  Hope it is better than before and you all like.  I will be improving it as time goes by.  I hope you all join me in this new journey.  To give you some idea of how things are set, the Home … Continue reading New Beginning


New Start all over again…

I always try to start all over again and it never works out something always happens. This time I stayed quiet and this time I am just taking action and it's working.  I even came on here finally. Which I should more often. Just making a plan to see what topics I can write about … Continue reading New Start all over again…

New Day 12-6-12

New day busy day. Busy life starting today. Time for change. For more to my life. Photographing talent today and interviews for my entertainment magazine. Something you never seen! Mid January release! Episteme Magazine! Always looking for talent! we are just starting!