Was Late…

I am 1 day late! I missed writing a post on the 1st. Well anyways, Happy New Years Everyone! Hope everyone had a great one and I hope this year will be extra great for you all!  I know no matter how hard it gets this year will have plenty of good things to come! … Continue reading Was Late…

Good things at Bad Times

It's interesting how good things might happen even during bad times. Call it what you like, but it is interesting. I am going through some bad times and at the same time I have a great friend that gave me a MacBook Pro. It is an older refurbished one but I am excited to get … Continue reading Good things at Bad Times

About Me

This post is mostly for my followers, get to know me since yesterday I ended with trying to interact with the readers. Name is Jimmy I'm from SoCal, L.A. county area. I was born with spina bifida. Life has been a bit hard living with it, affects my legs and health things that come with … Continue reading About Me

New mentality

I am starting to read more about being successful. I noticed that my attention span has been decreasing by the day. My first thought about success is to pay good attention to things. I looked it up and yes this was one of the features to be successful. Being the geek that I am I … Continue reading New mentality

Christmas 2014

Christmas was awesome I got fewer gifts but things I really wanted. I got my family and close friends! I love the holidays! I love giving and receiving! I ten to make life great starting this holidays. I will have a positive attitude!