Oct. Movie Challenge #3

Forgot to keep updated. Day #3 was ‘Unfriended’ my niece picked this one.  It wasn’t what I expect. Whole movie I’m watching a computer screen with people skipping.  Very interesting concept but not scary or anything. They could have done it a bit different and it would have been good. That is my opinion.

What do you all think of ‘Unfriended’


Oct. Movie Challenge #2

For the second day movie challenge I decided to watch ‘Indigenous’ which was in my Netflix Queue already.  It was an ok movie. It’s about a group of friends going to Panama and during their trip they find out about this waterfall.  However it’s in the forest that no one goes into because legend says the chupacabra lives there.  Of course they still go check it out!  I guess if they didn’t then it wouldn’t be a movie.  Creature remind me of a Vampire/Smeagol haha.  I was also surprised that this movie didn’t have nudity. Most scary movie have some sort of nudity lol. Well anyways It was an alright movie. 

On to the next! What to watch on day 3? Comment below with recommendations.

October Challenge Day #1

October is here so my challenge this month is to watch 1 scary movie a day. Yesterday was first so I started yesterday with Crimson Peak. I had recently gone to see the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit at LACMA and I saw that TWC now Spectrum had Crimson Peak OnDemand which I had not seen. Movie was interesting.  I liked it, the whole feel to it was awesome as well. The ghost coming out were awesome graphics in my opinion.  Good movie. Still deciding what to watch today.

Show/Movie/Anime/Cartoon Bingewatching

In an earlier post, I had posted that I watch stuff on my own and stuff with my sis and niece or just one or the other depending on what we are watching.  Finally I was able to organize with my niece how we are going to be watching stuff. One at a time, no watching episode from one series and then from another unless its currently airing. However I did let her pick 3 different stuff but from different categories. 1 anime, 1 cartoon, 1 regular show. This will help in case we are not in the mood to watch something.  Movies well those are 1 thing at a time so we can just discuss that as we go.  My niece decided on Scream (regular series), Black Butler (anime), South Park (Cartoon). If this works out in going to get my niece to do same with reading. Going to try to get her into that even if it’s just comics or mangas. Still reading. For my sis and the shows I watch on my own well I still need to work on those. Haha well just wanted to write about this stuff.  It’s a good way to go through watch list and great opportunity to bond with someone in this case is my sis and my niece. I will try and do same with my father since he likes watching stuff as well.  Well I have a feeling I will write again today, so till later! If you have recommendations on what to watch, please comment!

Movie Challege (Director & 730) – Duel ( Steven Spielberg #2)

Doing 2 challenges at the same time. Duel movie by Steven Spielberg continues that directors challenge and this will be my 2nd movie for the 730 movies in a year challenge.

Challenges: Director (Steven Spielberg)
730 Movies (2)


Name: Duel
Director: Steven Spielberg
Release Date: November 13, 1971
Cast: Dennis Weaver, Jacqueline Scott, Eddie Firestone
Genre: Action/Thriller
Running Time: 90min

Duel is about businessman David Mann who is driving through the desert and hills of California. On his way to a meeting with a client he comes across an old tanker truck who is going slow. David decides to pass the slow truck, big mistake. The truck driver takes it personal and chases David through the highway. The trucker tries to hurt and actually kill David. First time watching it and i’m a fan, the movie kept my interest the whole way although it does get a bit slow at parts but that’s just because the type of movie. Throughout the whole movie I was wondering what was the truckers next move not leaving David in peace. If you are from SoCal and know the desert hills you will know the location where this movie was filmed. Awesome work for Mr. Spielberg’s first TV movie. I will change my rating to out of 10, in this case I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

730 Movie Challenge – Let Go #1

Let’s start over with this 730 movies in one year.

First movie is:
Name: Let Go
Director: Brian Jett
Release Date: August 21, 2012
Cast: David Denman, Gillian Jacobs, Kevin Hart….
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 95min

Let Go follows the story of parole officer Walter Dishman and 3 ex- convicts under his supervision. The story is slow, there was moments where it dragged. Overall the movie was ok. This movie is under comedy, but to me it wasn’t a comedy. It might have some parts that can be considered comedy but to me it wasn’t. I don’t know what to say more about it. I give it a 2 out of 5.

Movie Challenge: Amblin’ (Steven Spielberg)

Steven Spielberg short film in 1960 called Amblin’ was his piece of work that got him into Hollywood. Amblin’ is about two hitchhikers that meet in the highway trying to get a ride. It goes through their journey. I thought this was very artistic. I was actually able to find the full short on YouTube. So if you want to check it out just look it up, it is about 24 minutes I believe. One part I really liked was when they are sitting down and all you can see is their silhouettes. Very artistic in my opinion. I thought it was well done for the experience he had and the year it was in. If you are a fan and want to see the work that got him known check it out.

Movie Challenge: Firelight (Steven Spielberg 

Mr. Spielberg’s 4th film is Firelight. Another rarity, as I was only able to find 3:50 minutes of the film. This movie looks like it was an alien movie. Could be the beginning of what we all came to love Close Encounters of the Third Kind. From the scenes we were able to capture it looked interesting. Would have been great to see the full movie. It seems this was the first film that was showed in a small movie theater in Phoenix. Film was in 1964.