Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

​‘Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour’  is a great watch for Taylor’s fans.  It is a full concert with behind the scenes content.  I loved it!  I am a fan of Taylor and seeing this concert is a great opportunity to see what I haven’t been able to, since I have never attended one of her … Continue reading Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

Daddy’s Home 2

‘Daddy’s Home 2’  I enjoyed the first one so I was looking forward to watching the sequel.  Of course there is nothing like the originals. This one introduces the main actors fathers.  It was good, entertaining to watch. I enjoyed it. Has its funny moments. It’s the original cast with new ones as well.  The … Continue reading Daddy’s Home 2


   ‘Pele’ This movie was a good movie.  I ended up watching this movie sooner than planned because my niece had a homework assignment on it.  To help her out, I watched it in case she had any questions I might be able to help better. Movie was really good, had my interest throughout the whole … Continue reading Pele